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The clinical research unit is a team of highly experienced research professionals whose goal is to support and enable high quality of clinical research at Rafik Hariri University Hospital. Our unit has a high recruitment rate along with the best quality of data and work. Clinical research unit coordinators always follow up with study team to make sure that data is always accurate, legible, contemporaneous, original , attributable and complete. Through our Patient Recruitment and retention plan we try to ensure to get the requested number of patients per study and even exceed it. In addition we pay special attention to follow up with patients and try to achieve a zero percent rate of loss to follow up through our patient retention plan.

Research staff services

Clinical research unit at Rafik Hariri University Hospital is dedicated to provide the services and expertise that investigators need to conduct clinical trials and expand the growing body of clinical research in Rafik Hariri University Hospital. Full timers research staff are available on site during the entire working hours for helping and assisting investigators and sponsors from pre-initiation till closure and archiving. Any query addressed by Rafik Hariri University Hospital investigators is solved by our unit research team expertise. Any concern addressed by Sponsors in any clinical trial is solved by our unit research team.The unit provides these services for investigators and sponsors in order to ensure that studies are conducted in compliance with the protocol, good clinical practice, Rafik Hariri University Hospital Standard Operating Procedures and the applicable regulatory requirements.

Support services

The unit makes sure that all study procedures are carried out quickly and efficiently through the well developed and organized infrastructure facilitating the flow of work and through the collaboration and support services of all departments in the hospital:

Laboratory and phlebotomy services: study lab procedures and specimen storage and shipment are carried out through the phlebotomy and the central laboratory.

Pharmacy services: investigational product handling, storage and dispensing is performed by the clinical research unit pharmacist for outpatients and central pharmacy for inpatients.

Nursing services: all nurse related procedures in the study are performed by clinical research unit nurses for outpatients and by assigned floor nurses for inpatients.

Administrative services: through the clinical research unit administrator , which involves and are not limited to: contract review ,budgetary consultancy, IRB submissions.

Also our site has its own IRB which has a primary role in ensuring the safety and welfare of study subjects. Furthermore, the unit offers long term study documents storage through its own archiving system.

Quality control

Through its Internal quality control and assurance the unit insure best quality of work and continuous improvement. The unit offers Good Clinical Practice trainings to investigators and their teams upon their request. In addition, the unit offers protocol design /writing, informed consent, and other related documents, as well as CRF development through its medical writing services and consultancy.

Therefore the clinical research unit at Rafik Hariri University Hospital is committed to nurturing excellence in clinical research. As an institution, we will continue to strive to pride the milieu conductive for clinicians to excel in clinically relevant research.

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