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The clinical research unit equips investigators and sponsors with essential tools and helpful resources to provide them with a highly efficient and flexible infrastructure. Trained and experienced research staff are capable of managing, conducting and coordinating research studies efficiently and effectively.


RHUHCRU has its own research dedicated equipments and facilities. All equipments have continuous technical support, calibration and updated certificates. These include but are not limited to an ECG machine, IV infusion pumps, blood pressure machines, thermometers, weighing scales, refrigerators and pharmacy storage cabinets.  Furthermore, the RHUHCRU has a fax machine, printers, scanners, computers, securely locked cabinets for study documents, we also provide a high speed internet with allowed access to monitors and an electronic hospital database which is audit trail.



The RHUHCRU is made up of 5 offices and a large long-term storage facility. The offices are divided as follows:

a-     A comfortable waiting area for study patients

b-     A private patient consultation room.

c-     Office dedicated for monitors/auditors to perform their visits.

d-     Office dedicated for CRU research staff

e-     A storage room for some outpatients laboratory kits, materials and some outpatients investigational products.

f-     An archiving room located in the hospital for long-term study documents retention.

Hospital collaboration

RHUHCRU has continuous collaboration with all hospital departments and their facilities. These includes and are not limited to the central laboratory, the hospital pharmacy, the radiology department and the pathology services.

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